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SEO is not dead! You might have read that search engine optimisation (SEO) is no longer necessary, but that it simply not the case! Using organic SEO and PPC together can simultaneously increase profits and boost your rankings.


How important is Magento SEO?

Search engines including Google would like you to believe that the only way to convert customers is through paid advertising (PPC) but the reality is (and the statistics will show) that whilst PPC should be an integral part of a digital marketing strategy, the majority of sales will come from organic listings.  The process of increasing your websites visibility through improved rankings via carefully crafted SEO campaigns will increase your sales and profitability. And we can prove it!

At Piranha we have a dedicated team who work extensively on organic search engine optimisation campaigns for our Magento SEO clients gaining outstanding results. Being specialist Magento SEO marketing experts, we know what works, how to maximise results and how to keep your expenditure to a minimum

Carefully crafted, compliant SEO campaigns still provide some of the best returns on investment (ROI) figures for any digital marketing.

SEO is arguably the most important consideration for any business website. Without working with search engines in mind, websites are fairly useless!

Is there any point in having the best-looking Magento website around that fails to attract many (if any) visitors?

Get found online


With so many Magento websites online, it’s vital that searchers can find yours.

Our experienced team has the tools and knowledge to give your website the boost it needs.

Build your online profile and generate business with Piranha!

Even when users know about your website, they are still likely to use a search engine to find it.

Google, Bing and others guide us through our internet journey. That’s why Magento SEO is so vital for your business’s online success.

We can optimise your website, ensuring it has the best chance to rank prominently in your target search results.

Paid Advertising

Search engines including Google and Bing offer paid advertising (PPC) that can provide instant results. This can be used in tandem with SEO to reap long-term, strategic benefits.

Successful websites use both PPC and SEO to dominate their target results pages.

Using all the tools available, we can drive more customers to your website and increase sales!


Rank Well = More Traffic = More Sales

We’re located in Preston, Lancashire but boast Magento SEO clients up and down the country and have also completed major SEO projects for international clients. We like to think that shows our strength in the world of search optimisation!

Our dedicated in-house digital marketing team is ready to boost your SEO stats.

Working closely with Piranha’s Magento developers makes each of our new websites ready to win online!

We are a full service agency when it comes to Magento – this means we will not only design and develop you an amazing magento website, but also host and help you promote it online. Any company that is serious about their online shop business is using Magento.

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