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Magento Managed Hosting

For your website to perform at its best, it requires a Magento-optimised server.


Speed is everything!


In today’s online world, visitors demand an instantaneous response. Many visitors leave websites that do not load quickly. Without the right server configuration, you’re missing out on sales!


Slow website

High bounce rates

Loss of sales

High basket drop-out

Low conversion rates


High percentage uptimes

More conversions

Faster page load speed

Happier customers

Piranha offers a dedicated Magento hosting solution to safeguard your eCommerce business.

We have Magento-optimised VPSs available today!


Piranha’s Server Scale

Simple Servers > ERP Systems > Custom Applications > Complex, End-to-End Managed Hosting

Wherever your needs fit on our scale, we have the know-how and capability to fulfil them.

We already manage servers and hosting across a range of platforms and applications.

Why not add your website to the list?

Piranha’s primary service offering:

  • eCommerce Hosting
  • Magento-optimised Hosting
  • App Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Services

Based on your requirements, we will recommend either a VPS or a dedicated server. All our work includes relevant database compatibility for Microsoft, SQL, MyPHP, Oracle and others.

eCommerce hosting can even be provided with full PCI Compliance if required.

We are a full service agency when it comes to Magento – this means we will not only design and develop you an amazing magento website, but also host and help you promote it online. Any company that is serious about their online shop business is using Magento.

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