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A Custom-made Marketing Approach for Each Client


Magento digital marketing – The key to your online success

Magento digital marketing is no different to traditional forms of marketing. It’s all about identifying your customers, creating compelling messages, getting these messages to the customer, encouraging them to act-upon the message and learning from the process to increase conversions and reduce costs.

The beauty of Magento digital marketing is the ability to focus campaigns like never before, reduce wastage to almost zero and to be able to fully monitor the results at every stage of the process. We have so many platforms at our disposal nowadays:- Search engines, directories, social media (for every demographic and interest), 3rd party websites, e-mails, and endless pay per click opportunities that the skill today is not so much how to identify the platforms to utilise, but more a case of how to limit the ones that aren’t providing the best ROI.

What makes us different is our tailored digital marketing approach, especially when it comes to Magento websites. We put your customer and your ambitions at the heart of our activities.

That’s the key to digital marketing and online success!

Our large team features certified Magento developers, specialist AdWords managers, content developers, time served SEO specialists, creative video producers and qualified marketing professionals who have been rigorously tested on their acumen. This means we’ll implement any developmental work we recommend for your website in the best way possible and follow the project through the creative process, media management and reporting.

The best user journeys start with an efficient build.

Piranha’s developers have the know-how to decrease your bounce rates, improve click-through rates and boost conversions.

We’re Experienced

In this business, experience in Magento digital marketing counts for a lot!

It’s a 2-way thing…

  • You choose Piranha to build your Magento site
  • We work hard to make it perfect
  • Our digital marketing expertise makes the website a success
  • You’re happy
  • We’re happy

The Piranha team is ready to answer any questions you might have.


when you succeed, we succeed. It’s a strong incentive!

Our experience extends across many different industries, including:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Competitor Link Analysis
  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup
  • AdWords and PPC Management
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital PR & Distribution
  • Onsite & Offsite Search Engine Optimisation
  • Technical Health Checks & Toxic Link Removals
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation.
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Email Marketing with Advanced Segmentation
  • Affiliate Network Management
  • Advertising Spend Management
  • SEO Website Audits
  • Social Media Audits
  • Local Search


Piranha offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to help you grow your business

Measured Results

Our monthly reporting is detailed and comprehensive and shows your month-on-month performance, the activities undertaken, as well as next month’s focus. We love working with monthly revenue targets.

Our Magento digital marketing packages start from £225 per month, with no upfront fees and no contracts.

No upfront fees, no contracts

We are your dedicated marketing team, ready to accelerate your online business performance.

We are a full service agency when it comes to Magento – this means we will not only design and develop you an amazing magento website, but also host and help you promote it online. Any company that is serious about their online shop business is using Magento.

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